What is Pilates?

The Pilates technique was developed in the early 20th century. It has evolved to include a series of controlled movements to increase one's flexibility, strength, control, endurance and body/postural awareness. 

What can Pilates help with?

Increasing muscular tone, control and endurance (especially of the 'core' abdominal and spinal complex, as well as the pelvic floor musculature); increasing flexibility and body/postural awareness, alleviation of pain, improved balance, reduction of physical and emotional stress, rehabilitation of bodily injuries or work/accidental injuries, improving general vitality, fitness and wellbeing. 

Examples of conditions Pilates can be beneficial for:

Low back pain, spinal pain or weakness, neck/shoulder/knee/hip dysfunction, pelvic floor function for ante-post natal, decreased balance, Osteoarthritis, generalised stiffness/weakness, assistance towards return to work injuries and for general fitness. 

Who can do Pilates?

We cater for all ages and conditions. As our classes are run by highly trained physiotherapist professionals, we ensure the greatest assistance and focus for one's individual needs.


How are classes run?

Classes are run on continued 6 week term cycles with an initial assessment with the physiotherapist to determine your individual needs and goals. Most health funds can help cover the consult and exercises classes. There are also drop in casual availabilities upon request.

Initial assessment Consult       $79                                     (hicaps code T500)

Prepaid- 6 classes                    $132/ $22 per class           (hicaps rebate code T561)  

Classes are held on Thursdays 5.45pm-6.30pm; and Saturdays 8.30am- 9.15am.

Please contact us via email or phone for specific dates of term commencements.