What can Yoga and meditation help with?

The style of Yoga taught is Hatha; in which poses and movements are gentle and assist with mobility and flexibility. Mindfulness, relaxation and meditation is also incorporated. 

Reported benefits include improved sleep, stress and anxiety release, improved moods, reduction of blood pressure and heart risk, improved immune system and decreased pain.


How are classes run?

Classes are run on continued 6 week term cycles with our experienced and enthusiastic teacher Anne. Classes are kept to small groups to ensure comfortable and  personable dynamics. 

Classes are held on Monday 5.45pm- 7pm, and Saturday 11am-12.15pm at $18/class (1 term = $108) and there are often drop in casual availabilities.

Note some health funds will re-imburse for 'Wellbeing', lifestyle or fitness programs. 

Please contact us via email or phone for specific dates of term commencements.