Motion is lotion. But prevention is best. Let’s do this.

We are proud to be in Prospect, and to be a business in this suburb.

We would love to support small local businesses like ours by doing what we are best at. That is why in January 2019 we launched our special program directed to employees and employers who live or work around here.

The workplace is where community gets forged and were it develops its power. We spend many hours at work (so many!), it’s essential to keep the workplace safe and improve how we feel at work if we really want to improve the quality of our life.

43% of the cases of absenteeism are related to joint and muscle conditions*.

We love our work, as you love yours. Make sure to get rid of anything that’s preventing you from giving your best: solve the ache that keeps annoying you, overcome ye olde injury one and for all.

You can reduce absenteeism up to 25%*.

Here are a few examples of what we offer:

  • Initial assessment and 3 follow-up treatments per year per employee at concession rate.

  • Physiotherapist availability on-site for 4 hours, monthly, to assist any employee in need at their workplace.

  • Personalized prevention programs, educational events, vouchers.

if you are an employer or an entrepreneur and you care about keeping the people who work for you healthy, give us a call or email us to receive more information about our services. If you are an employee, talk to your manager about what you’ve just read and ask to contact us.

*Benefits to business: the evidence for investing in worker health and wellbeing.;; October 2011.