What is pilates?

The pilates technique was developed in the early 20th century. It has evolved to include a series of controlled movements, breathing awareness and body alignment, helping increase your flexibility, strength, control, endurance and posture.

At our clinic, we focus on group matwork pilates classes, led by instructor Paula Murnane.

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How can pilates help you?

Pilates can be hugely beneficial for a wide range of conditions, injuries and issues. Sessions can help to:

  • Increase muscular tone, control and endurance, especially of the 'core' abdominal and spinal complex, as well as the pelvic floor musculature.

  • Increase flexibility and body/postural awareness.

  • Alleviate pain, especially lower back pain, spinal pain or weakness, and neck, shoulder, knee or hip dysfunction.

  • Improve pelvic floor function after birth.

  • Improve balance and reducing generalised stiffness and weakness.

  • Reduce physical and emotional stress.

  • Assist with rehabilitation after workplace or accidental injuries.

  • Reduce pain and weakness associated with osteoarthritis.

  • Improve general vitality, fitness and wellbeing. 


Is pilates right for you?

We cater for all ages, genders, activity levels and conditions. As our classes are run by a recognised pilates instructor, we ensure the greatest assistance and focus for one's individual needs.

Each 45-minute class offers different levels to suit all ages and fitness levels. As you get stronger and more proficient with your technique, you’ll be able to progress upwards through levels at your own pace.


Spring Special: 6 weeks Wed 16 Oct- 20 Nov (Wednesday 9.15am) $99

Thursday 6.15pm to 7pm


Intro offer for new clients: 4 classes for $60 ($15/class), valid for 4 weeks.
10 class pack: $180 ($18/class), valid for 3 months.
Casual single class: $25

Pilates prospect physio

Ready to get started?

We also often have drop-in casual availabilities – meaning you can join our classes immediately.