Help for all your foot-related issues and concerns


Foot pain can be debilitating – and yet, it’s also really common, affecting most people at some stage of life.

Thankfully, many conditions are entirely treatable. That’s why we’re proud to have The SA Podiatry Clinic operate from our Prospect clinic, via director Mathew Ehrlich.

Mathew's services include:

  • Sports podiatry

  • Orthotics

  • Foot and nail care

  • Paediatric assessments

  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation

  • Foot wear advice. 


Relieving pain and improving mobility

Matthew is highly trained and focuses on providing a thorough assessment, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation plan to address your specific issue.

His focus is to relieve pain and improve mobility.

Matthew maintains an up-to-date knowledge of current research findings and evidence-based practices. Patients are involved in the development of an agreed, achievable and goal orientated treatment plan.

With the added advantage of physiotherapists on site, Matthew is able to provide a collaborative team approach to give you the best possible assessment and management for your condition.

So “for all things podiatry”, please pop in and see Mathew! 


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