Break the anxiety, stress, unhappiness and exhaustion cycle

Scientific evidence-based research has proven that mindfulness can radically shift our experience, manage our emotions and out-of-control thoughts, and even alter the sensation of pain.

Mindfulness can also help you to:

  • Access your power within by renewing your physical, emotional and mental energy.

  • Reduce anxiety and stress by training your thoughts to be in the present moment.

  • Bring greater clarity and focus to your daily experiences creating a deeper meaningful life.

  • Live consciously and without judgement to move beyond habitual negative pattern.

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Ready to get started? Join our eight-week mindfulness workshop.

An eight-week course is now available at our clinic, run in small groups by Anne Rodgers, our Oasis Mindfulness wellbeing mentor.

Each session includes mindfulness and meditation techniques and gentle physical movements.

You will learn to:

  • Establish new habits of mind and body.

  • Move beyond habitual negative patterns, to live life in a happier state of mind.

  • Improve working memory, gain clarity with a calmer mind.

  • Improve physically with better immune function, better sleep and healthier heart.

  • Reduce acute and chronic pain.


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A 4 week course (weeklyx1), Thursday August 15- Sept 5th, 6.30- 7.30pm.

Recommended for those of you that have a regular mindfulness meditation practice.

Week 1
Mindfulness and Intention
• Themes of the course
• How we practise and the importance of intention
• The three components of human well-being — safety, satisfaction and connection
• Questions and discussion
Week 2
Mindfulness and Equanimity
• Inner calm and equanimity
• Staying present in your daily life
• Questions and discussion
Week 3
Mindfulness in Relationship
• Mindfulness in relationship to us, others and life
• Greater awareness of your feelings
• Working with conflict
• Questions and discussion
Week 4
Authentic Happiness
• What does it mean to be truly happy?
• Accepting the ups and downs of our human experience
• Self-compassion and self-love

Cost $125
includes exclusive Guide Book and Meditations from the course