Why our bodies are like cars

by Karen Chan

I often say that our body’s are like cars:

It needs a service every now and then to keep things running smoothly and to pick up/address any minor issues. If we leave it too long then we need a major service, or even a replacement of parts (if available) in which often takes longer (and more expensive) to get it back on track. If we don’t look after our body smartly and instead consistently feed it the wrong fuel (aka food/drinks/nutrients), or we consistently run the body ragged with stress and abuse, then we potentially shorten its lifespan. 

Prevention is the key my fellow drivers:

Rest- ensure enough quality rest to allow us to relax our bodies and rejuvenate. Sleep is when our bodies heal and regenerate. See my blog on sleep for info on how many hours you should get.

Nutrition/fuel- eating and drinking a well and balanced diet for maximal performance.

Avoid overuse/underuse- ensure we are not overusing as this will lead to body over stress and injuries. Also ensure we are not underusing to avoid lack of strength and flexibility.

So take time to look after yourselves once in a while- Sit down and have a cuppa, help relieve any stress by treating yourself to a massage, or perhaps take a Yoga and meditation class, or learn the art of Mindfulness, address those niggly body issues with your Physio or Acupuncturist.

What’s your body been looking like lately? Needing a service? 🚗🛠💪🏽

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